Brief History Edit

Vital statistics
Player Breggan
Position Combat and Magic training at the Temple of Charvor
Apparent Age 25
Status Single
Physical attributes
Height 6'4"
Weight 203

Player: Breggan

Character Name: Viridity

  • Race: Half Orc/Hale Elf
  • Class: Caster/Fighter
    • Parentage
      • Mother (Unknown to Viridity IC)
        • Race: Orc
        • Location: Unknown (Open to Story Tellers)
        • Class: Warrioress
        • Occupation: Raider in an Orc Horde
      • Father (Unknown to Viridity IC)
        • Race: Elf
        • Location: Snuffed (Deceased)
        • Class: Sorcerer & Wizard
        • Occupation: Outpost Wizard

Abandoned after her birth for not measuring up to orcish standards. She was found days later, after the horde had moved on, by an elderly human hermit wizard.  This hermit wizard decided to name her Viridity, based upon the naturally green skin.

As she grew the hermit wizard learned that she had the typical orcish temper, but that she also had a natural ability for magic.  Her adopted father learned that she had the talents of a sorcerer, the ability to cast magic with her will alone, but that she also had a knack for more ritual based casting. 

So Viridity grew learning from her adopted human father how to deal with her natural magical abilities.  She also learned how to deal with her temper by getting into pit fights on her trips to the nearest village.  She also learned the finer points of speech and languages, learning most of the common racial languages of the land.  Along with language and speech, she learned the finer points of writing and the written word.  

Over time Viridity grew and as she grew her adopted father grew older, so old that he fell ill and was soon on his death bed.  On her adopted father’s death bed, he bequeathed his hermit home, library and everything within to her. 

Since the death of her adopted father, she has decided to explore the world around her, leaving her home in a camouflaged state to remain hidden from others.