Theif acrobats are the classy cat burglars of the world., not for them the trong arm mugging on the street, nor the easy picpocketing of an unwary traveller.  Oh No they are the planners of great heists..  sneaking in through high windows no one thought could be reached.  slipping through the security of mages warriors princes and kinds.. In Fact the great Theif Acrobat Telia Dove once stole  one of the Imperial  peices of regalia, right out from under the Empress' nose so they say.. The Empress was actually so impressed that she gave the theif a choice when caught.. train  the empress' spies or spend a good bit of time in jail.  the theif being a smart girl took the training gig and is still doing it in the capitlal city of Sangorland.. or .. somewhere.

to become a theif acrobat you must be a rogue.  This is one of the few prestige classes that doesn't require you to study another class but you must find a mast theif acrobat and study with them for a period of time to learn the skills and debonair air you need to become one of these elite  pilferers.