In this section the ops will post their ideas and a time and place for weekly dungeons/ fighting adventures.  I will soon post the first of these to scheduled.  If you want to join the adventure please sign up with your character names once the particulars have been posted. 

Ok here is how this will work.. I and other ops will post adventures here.. to start the first time I am going to post three different adventures.. the one that has the most sign ups will be run first. the one with the second most will be run next etc.. other ops can add adventures as they wish with times and dates posted... to sign up just hit the edit and put which character or characters you plan to bring.. if you sign up please unless it is an emergency show up.. I plan to run at least a three perhaps five hour fighting adventure ..  

 ok here goes  

Next Thursday night I will run one of these starting around eight pm eastern time.. please be early .. or on time if you sign up. 

The first will be a trip to the ancient ruined city the empire just found.. and explore said ruins. there will be beasts and treasure to be fought and found and possibly much to be learned. 

 the second is an adventure to fight through to and make diplomatic contact with a group in the valley of one hundred gates.. as such it will be an escort mission where you must keep the diplomats alive.  

the third one is a trip an island close to hook island there is an ancient library there now in ruins that supposedly hold tomes about the local area and legends hopefully informing us why the new inhabitants of hook island are searching the rivers lakes and ponds on the island.      

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