Kristi the blonde bombshell is a human. now the proud owner of the "Gentlemans Social Club" known as the Demon's Den .. the most fabulous club on the island .. it will supple any of your needs wants or desires .. She is currently single an swears that is how she will always stay. She has had a very termultous life starting out to see the world she would travel until she ran out of money or found someplace she wanted to stay for a while an then supported herself with exotic dancing . that is how she started out in the Den to end up helping the owner an eventually ending up first owning half the club and eventually the whole club ! Thru her attention an diligence the club has become the best club in town . She has also been one of the first on the line to defend the town an any of her friends . she was a member of the ADF (air defense force) she is a human but the proud owner of Lexi her pegagus. She is also the proud owner of her slave Bernie who is the asst mgr of the club .