The Knights of Charvor are a reborn order bringing back lost ancient knowledge to the world.   They are mages who combine combine their magic with their martial abilities.  Instead of channeling it into spells and internal effects, they channel the magic into their bodies.  this magic changes them enhancing their abilities.  Making them stronger faster more perceptive.,  Many magical spells and abilities that are familiar to long time players of role playing games.  Spider climb jump, blink,  They also enhance their bodies channeling magic into themselves to affect permanent changes to their speed strength eyesight  steadiness of hand hand eye coordination and combat perceptions..  they also share a mystical link when on the battlefield together and can coordinate their attacks in amazing fashions.  

The knights fight with wooden weapons as do all higher leverl Charvorians.  Their magic sheathes the wood of the blades or the guns and turns them as strong as the finest steel or metal forged.  They can use their blades tblock and deflect arrows, spells, even bullets.  jenna the first knife knight can even deflect missle weapons  back at her enemies.  The knights have only been back a short time and have already had a huge effect on things becoming  one of the most powerful and acknowlwedged elite forces in the  Empire.

They have made an equal splash in the new world where they find themselves and now Moriarty's Penthouse is often a center of the action.