Jaymin for The Den
Jaymin is a Vampire, but he is not your ordinary feed from victims for nourishment vampire.  While he does ingest blood like a normal vampire, he saves the feedings for special moments and people.

He is a warrior first and foremost.  He is a bodyguard for a Lady here in Dalfort and enjoys that job, but also very much enjoys hunts and dealing with people that need to be dealt width.  He carries two swords, a bastard sword along his shoulder that has special runes imbued in it, and also a sword just like in the picture, easy to draw from it's sheath, and flares to life with a blue flame.

He has a Dominant personality he has a code to which he follows and he does his very best to never deviate from it.  Give him something to hunt and a reason to hunt and he will accomplish that hunt, but double cross him, and you will face the consequences.