Jackor is the oldest character in the channel, in real time. He has a long and storied past.

He grew up as an orphaned bastard. His mother was a whore on the streets of Sangroland, the city that became the imperial capital. She died when he was very young. He went to live with his aunt, but he was abused there, and made to do the worst of the jobs in the families chimney sweep business, His natural lithe strength and acrobatic bent making him a natural. but after a few months of consistently being given the dirtiest most dangerous jobs and being treated like an unwanted outsider in their home he ran away to join the street gang he had run with while his mother was alive.

Here he learned to be a juggler and an acrobat as a distraction as other gang members worked the crowd to steal purses and other things.

At Some point he ended up at the Imperial Academy to study magic, and has been a mage ever since. Rising to be an archmage, the most powerful except perhaps for Xaria in the entire Province.