Isgrimnir in Warform
Vital statistics
Player Issy
Position Keeper of Grounds at Seven Fall Manor
Apparent Age Elder, though he looks to be in his mid 40's
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 7'4'
Weight 250 lbs.

Isgrimnir Edit

History Edit

Isgrimnir belongs to a declining tribe of Polar Bear shifters. Elders had long debated on how to find their lost magic once more. Learned his trade as smith from his father, but when, at a very young age, it became apparent that he had a gift for magic as well, he was also given training as a Druid. When Isgrimnir came of age, he had to go through his trial of adulthood. During his hunt, he chanced upon a male Polar bear that was about to attack two cubs, Isgrimnir rushed in to their protection and managed to slay the male bear with his spear. Just at that moment the mother returned, having heard the cries of the cubs and immediately went in to an attack. Instinct took over and for the first time in his life, he went through his change, the battle was ferocious none the less and a close thing. When he returned to his tribe, wounded and carrying the two cubs, others were sent out to check upon his story. They returned with the two bear corpses and his spear and confirmed what he had told them. The other elders proclaimed that he had been sent by Gaia and Ursa as an answer to their prayers. The tribe fashioned his cloak out of the two bear furs, so it is fur inside and out, his clothes, and posessions such as they were, were bound to him by the tribe's shaman so they would return to his body when ever he changed forms. He himself was made an elder in title and sent out to reclaim what knowledge they had lost.

Current Edit