Vital statistics
Player Issy
Position Hunter & Butcher at the Den
Apparent Age 30
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 17 hands in his Destrier and Half form, 6' in his human form
Weight 1500 lbs in his Destrier and Half form, 150 lbs in his human form

Haragosh Edit

History Edit

Haragosh arrived in a stormy wind inside the Den, disoriented, naked and in human form, next to him clattered a staff. Rumor has it that he has been banished from his world for a crime he has committed. With it some of his powers were taken.

Current Edit

After an act of compassion, similar to the one that had earned him his banishment, Haragosh has retrieved much of his power. His Heirloom Weapon works once more and he has accepted a job as Hunter and butcher for the Den.

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