The title says big changes and it meant it several big things are going to change.

First I have talked to many people and consulted with my ops and have  decided after many years to allow Dragons.  This is on a probationary  basis and will be  very controlled Dragons will be the ultimate prestige class.  Each great dragon (( and that qualifies as anything over the size of a small house..  will have to be kept in a sister channel the rules for each of those are going to be a sort of semi license..I am still working out the details.

The second HUGE change is we  are going to move the channel more to a combat channel to this end we have created a #DD_EVENTS channel where fights will take place.  The fights will be both scheduled and unscheduled.. one of the combat ops may start something in the den then move the action to the EVENTS channel.. in all fights the  chance of maiming  and a prolonged convalescence is possible in some fights which will be clearly marked DEATH WILL BE POSSIBLE

the DMs will not go out of their way to kill someone but if you don't fight smart and consider your actions then .. you may end up dead.

but even dead is not forever perhaps you can be resurrected . I am thinking of a quest system for each resurrection.. we shall see how we work it out .

We have another huge change that has come about. announcing the creation of #Depravity'sDen, where the evil in Dalfort hangs out.