Arjem is a freedom fighter from a land far from Dalfort. A land where the Sultan and his nobles have decided that magic shall not be practiced by the lower classes, and that the native tribes of the land are to be persecuted and oppressed to the brink of extinction.

When a duke from this land came looking for Sezkeiva, Vanara used the powers Delilah had granted her, and changed the duke's own son into a far more compassionate person. When slaves were found in the duke's ship, Vanara asked for someone to go back to the duke's land and liberate the oppressed people, and the monk Shan Lai stepped forward. After a while of no word from Shan, Arjem stepped off a boat and onto a dock in Dalfort. Sent by Shan to initiate talks between the Empire and those wanting their freedom in his land, Arjem knows what is at stake if those fighting and dying for their freedom fail. It would be the end of his people. So he has come to Dalfort, seeking whatever aid he can in order to prevent the Sultan from having his way any longer.